ExamNet by miller&associates

ExamNet is a network-based measure inventory calculation and archive system.  The database structure is configured to house all grain bins in the entire enterprise.  Bin capacity and naming conventions are provided by your State Licensing Authority.  It has a bin grading feature allowing samples to be recorded and the bin graded according to USDA standards.  The basic bin inventory information is as follows:

1. Air Space down from base point to surface of grain

2. Test weight of grain in bin

3. Type of grain

4. Simple Level-Off (cone up, cone down, high side, low side, etc.)

5. If required, Wizards will show you what measurements to enter and calculate a level grain depth for 'W' shape, 'M' Shape,  Flat buildings, Sweep Auger Cleanout, Side Draw on Cone Up and Double Side Draw on Cone Up.

Users may run executables from their local workstation via network, Citrix, remotely on the server, or via the world-wide web.

Security levels are divided into facility, group, and system-wide access.  Inventory, capacity, and grading reports can be generated at all levels.   Contact us today with your setup preferences for a detailed proposal.