ExamNet by miller&associates

ExamNet Full Installation for State Grain Regulatory Programs

Click the green link below to download a full Install of ExamNet

You will need two additional items before you can begin using ExamNet:

a. Password.  Available from your regulator or from us.  Call: 309-383-3070, or email: greg.miller@examhand.com if you don't have a password.

b. Bin Chart for ExamNet.  Available only from your regulator.  You will need this before you can use ExamNet.

if you have trouble downloading or installing ExamNet there is a 95% chance it has to do with "anti-virus" software you have running.  We do NOT recommend disabling the anti-virus software.  It is better to inform your software that the executable file in ExamNet (eh.exe) is OK to install.  Often if your anti-virus has stopped the download you can find the downloaded file in your anti-virus software's "Quarantine" section.  Usually it is only a few clicks to release it and get installing.

1. Click the correct green link above for YOUR STATE.

FOR MICHIGAN LICENSE: Download/EN/setup_ExamNet_R2020-1-MI.exe

FOR ILLINOIS LICENSE:  Download/EN/setup_ExamNet_R2020-1-IL.exe

2. If a dialog box appears, direct the file to be saved to your "Desktop"

3.  You will have to click "Run" on one or more dialog boxes to continue the install.

4. Once you are through the dialog boxes, ExamNet's installer will start.  Follow the screens as directed.

5. NOTE:  You should always be installing ExamNet to its standard folder location:  C:\ehuni.  ExamNet's installer always attempts to place it there by default.  However, Windows will always change the installer's default drive letter to the hard drive with the most space on it.  Normally this is not a problem since only one hard drive is present.  But if you are installing on a computer with more than one hard drive, carefully note where the installer shows you it is going to install ExamNet because you may have to change it back to "C:" if you have more than one hard disk on your computer.

6. There now should be an Icon on your desktop for "ExamNet".  Double click it to start ExamNet.

7. Notice the logon screen says "Your Company Here".  This indicates that you need to go to "File" menu and then choose "Open Project".  Now select the file sent to you by the Department of Agriculture and your bins will be placed onto your ExamNet.

8. Click Logon and click the button in the lower left hand corner to see a PDF Users Manual.  (all user guides can be found in c:\ehuni\documentation folder)