eZam powered by ExamHand

Nearly 2/3rds of all state grain examinations representing over 3 billion bushels of licensed storage space are performed using ExamHand software.

More than 70 state grain warehouse examiners and auditors in 16 states use ExamHand everyday.  Nearly all large examinations are now performed with the integrated AGRO EDI download which virtually eliminates data entry.

Learn how ExamHand software can help your examiners make a risk assessment based not only upon classic grain warehouse examination techniques but also advanced financial risk assessment tools including contract portfolio market valuation, new generation contract assessment, derivatives and their related delta coverages.

eZam, our first ExamHand software application designed for a completely paperless environment: examination, review, and archive.   

Since 1988, ExamHand is the brand trusted by grain warehouse agencies to perform examinations and audits of grain warehousemen and grain dealers.  Twenty years ago, each agency has relied on a customized version of ExamHand.  Then, beginning in 2002, all that changed and states now use a common source code.  

eZam takes ExamHand technology 3 steps further 'down the field' by providing:

1. A completely paperless examination/audit and review environment.

2. The ability to keep dozens of projects on-line in a single ExamHand for instant retrieval.

3. The ability to simultaneously merge dozens of branch locations so characteristic of today's larger licensees.


What do you mean by "paperless" examination?

The largest single obstacle in going completely paperless has been the signature.  If not for capturing signatures, examinations would have been competely paperless years ago.  So, how do we capture a legitimate and tamper-proof signature of the examiner and licensee?  The answer is eZam's LCD signature pad.  This small and rugged device plugs in to your laptop's USB port.  When it comes time to sign a document, the user simply displays (or hard copy prints) the report to be signed from a special menu.  When all parties have reviewed the report, they "sign" the report with the LCD pad and stylus just like at the store.  When all signatures are captured and encrypted to the report just reviewed, a representative copy of the signed report can be printed as a receipt for the licensee (or made into a PDF if desired).

Using this technology, it makes an examination or audit completely paperless.  All working papers are captured in the "inbound" folder, and bin diagrams, and now any encrypted signed documents.  There is now no reason to print ANYTHING in an examination except as a courtesy to the licensee or, in the case of work papers, as the personal preference of the examiner while the audit is underway

I have several copies of ExamHand Uni installed on my computer.  This way I can look at last year's exam while doing this year.  I also might have any unfinished exams on yet another copy.  Will I still need multiple copies of eZam?

No.  While the examination process with eZam is similar to ExamHand, the housekeeping and management of examinations is greatly improved.  eZam allows you to Open multiple Projects and give one a "Tag".  For example, you might load a Coop's 07 exam and tag it "Old", you might then load it again and call it "New".  On the main menu you select the Tag you wish to work with.  We can choose "New" and Clear all last year's data and begin the 08 exam.  However, at any time we can simple switch back to "Old" tag and see the exam just as it was finished in 07.  You can have any combination of licensees Tagged at the same time.  You could literally have every examination you'd performed this year all loaded on your one copy of eZam at same time.

We have licensees that are growing larger each year.  One licensee now has over 30 branch locations.  How does eZam handle large companies like this?

Very well indeed!  Let's say you have a company with 30 branch locations - each a separate code.  Simply Open Project on each code and assign it a 15 character Tag  (this Tag is not permanent or stored with the examination, it only assists the examiner in tracking while it's on eZam).  Then go to the new Merge Tags screen and select which Tag will be designated "Master".  The examiner then has a multitude of options on how to merge and a selection box where an unlimited number of branch locations can be selected.  Once all the branches have been selected (in this case 30 of them) a single merge takes place according to the options you have sent.  No more step-by-step merging.