ExamNet Release Notes 

R2020.1 was released on 12/19/2019 containing the following:   

Measure. Detail Page. Level-Off.  New Level-Off option called "MultiShot" allows up to 33 laser indirect measurement shots to be used to level off a large steel tank (generally diameters greater than 90 feet).  Requires running Setup/Maintain System/Upgrade System feature.


R2019.3 was released on 7/10/2019 containing the following:   

Volumetric inventory placed in a bin with "non-vertical walls" (i.e. TaperUp, TaperDown, Quonset, or Hemisphere) now displays correct height on sidewall of detail page.   Bushel quantity figures are correct as before.


R2019.2 was released on 3/04/2019 containing the following:       

Measure Screen.  Detail Page. New C option on "M" and "W" shape wizard screen which accepts a CENTER measurement.  This new option is especially useful when the bin is nearly full and sidewall access does not allow accurate laser measurement of the horizontal distances required by option A.  

Measure Screen. Detail Page. Test Weight now allows Test weights that are as little as .5 X standard test weight and as high as 1.5 times standard test weight.  Previously the allowables were .6 and 1.4.

Measure Screen.  Detail Page. User can now hit the "F2" key at any time to go to the previous bin.  Hit "F3" to move to the next bin.

FIX: Measure Screen.  Volumetric page. corrected computed angle of repose calculation when using "Triangle" shape.

R2019.1 was released on 1/04/2019 containing the following:       

New Report Previewer.  When selecting "Preview" on reports user now has capability to create PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, etc. copies of the report directly from the preview screen.  In addition, the previewer can be set to directly email reports.  Preview tools no longer "float" on top of previewed report, they now remain anchored just below the main menu bar.

R2018.7 was released on 8/03/2018 containing the following:       

FIX: Reporting menu. The "Dockage Report" and "Dockage Summary Report" both calculated "weighted average dockage %" using unpacked bushels for dockage for a numerator divided by packed bushels in the denominator.  The effect was that the calculated weighted average was not consistent with or comparable to the nominal dockage percentages as entered by the user on the bin itself.  This version corrects this problem by using unpacked bushels in the denominator.

R2018.6 was released on 7/03/2018 containing the following:       

MAJOR FIX:  Version R2018.5 introduced a bug.  Post & Clear would not advance the Read Date on bins when performed under R2018.5.  This version corrects this problem.

R2018.5 was released on 6/12/2018 containing the following:        (note: R2018.5 is the successor release to R2018.2)

Dockage Report and Dockage Report Summary are totally rebuilt.  Dockage Report now subtotals by "Grain" instead of "Section" and user can include non-dockage bins.

Post & Clear "Leave Alone" option for bins.  Syswide can select certain facilities to exclude from the globally selected "Leave Alone" option and force these facility's bins to be zero'd.

Wheat grading has been updated to include an "Oiling Date" which is shown on the report and exported on the XLS version.

R2018.2 was released on 2/07/2018 containing the following:

Measure screen Test Weight field.  The memory has been expanded to grain codes 4, 21, and 80 (21 & 80 are traditional MI codes for black beans and soybeans respectively).  Note: that grain codes 1,2, and 3 also have memory.

R2018.1 was released on 1/24/2018 with updated User Manuals, updated graphics and common licensing validation.

R2017.8.1 was released on 11/14/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: ExamNet allowed user to enter 9 or 10 digit syswide password, however, user logon screen would only accept a password 8 characters long.  Logon screen now accepts 10 character syswide password.

R2017.8 was released on 10/30/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: In certain circumstances, "Step 1: Build Compare Table" shows blank even though grains exist.  

R2017.7 was released on 10/19/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: Version 2017.5 introduced a problem where a "Container" bin could not be deleted by a normal user if that Container appears in the Archive (i.e. Post & Clear had been performed after this bin was created).  Version 2017.7 corrects this issue and Container bins can be deleted as needed.

R2017.6 was released on 9/27/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: Conflicts between "Cone Up" and "Peak Center" have been eliminated.  Calculated angle of repose that is (optionally) calculated with "Peak Center" and "Cone Center" is now stored as a data field.

2. FIX: When logged on as "Facility" "Wichita Falls" and printing archive reports, the report will show data from "Wichita" facility instead.  Problem only occurs when there are facility names are named similarly to the example.

R2017.5 was released on 9/25/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: "Comparison" reports at times showed two lines or more lines for each grain.

2. FIX: If user chooses "Calculate Angle of Repose" on the "Peak/Cone Center" level off, subsequent uses of Cone Up or Cone Down do not work correctly.

3. Added alternative indexing to deleted bins to prevent the problem where a deleted bin of any given bin number cannot be readded with out a compress procedure.

R2017.4 was released on 8/04/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: Container bins could be added but would not accept any numbers.

2. top 5 bin inventory reports now put time stamp on Excel (.xls) worksheets to prevent naming conflicts

3. Out of bounds measured air space no longer zeros out test weight entry

R2017.3 was released on 7/10/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: measure screen timestamp was not secure in all situations.

2. compress routine now checks for invalid archived bin records and removes them as needed.

3. measured air space can no longer be entered such that it is greater than depth for capacity (resulting in **** in quantity)

R2017.2 was released on 2/14/2017 containing the following:

1. FIX: eliminate deleted contrainer bins appearing on inventory reports

2. Some PDF and XLS optioned reports now report month, day, and time in file name to minimize lockout conflicts (i.e. two users creating the same report at the same time) 

R2017.1 was released on 1/14/2017 containing the following:

1. Eliminate cross-talk between reports at higher level logons

2. Enhanced "Average TW" procedure for facility level logons. 

R2016.4 was released on 10/10/2016 containing the following:

1. Compress routine enhanced to remove redundant records to improve report appearance. 

R2016.3.4 was released on 8/1/2016 containing the following:

1. Sweep Level Off.  When used with a "Irregular-Round" bin was giving incorrect result.  "Round" and "Peaked" bin types are correct results.  This has been fixed and "Irregular-Round" is working properly with the Sweep Level Off. 

R2016.3.3 was released on 7/14/2016 containing the following:

1. Measure screen.  When the measure screen is active the user is now prevented from selecting "measure" a second time from the menu displaying 2 measure screens.  The second measure screen is not properly secured.

R2016.3.2 was released on 6/10/2016 containing the following:

1. Measure screen.  When logging on with Administrative rights screen now shows "Measure - Administrative" granting full access to change bin facility/section/binno.  Previously was not allowing any changes if any bin archive records were present.


R2016.3.1 was released on 4/08/2016 containing the following:

1. Measure screen.  "Last Sampled" is filled in with the format MM/DD/YYYY when "GR" button is clicked.  "Last Empty" is filled in with the format MM/DD/YYYY when the "MT" button is clicked.


R2016.3 was released on 3/30/2016 containing the following:

1. Protein Report feature enhancements

2. Measure screen Archive tab loads quicker

3. Measure screen, Filter tab now allows 50 current grains to display instead of 20

4. Measure screen was maximizing incorrectly on startup when default setting of "Maximized" in Setup/User Preferences/SysWide Settings was chosen.

5. Measure Screen, Filter tab now displays bins "unchanged" since the specified date rather than "changed" since the specified date.


R2016.2.1 was released on 2/03/2016 containing the following:

1. Reporting screen. "XLS" selection for first 5 reports under "Current Read Date" yields report data that is "one field = one cell" rather than a report image.

R2016.1 was released on 1/6/2016 containing the following:

1. Measure screen, List Page.  Signed on as SysWide you can click "Set Columns" and assign an order and column width for 3 NEW columns: Damage/Moisture/FM.

R2015.4 was released on 10/5/2015 containing the following:

1. FIX: default path detection was not respecting changes made by the "config.fpw" file.  "DEFAULT =" command placed in config.fpw files were being ignored resulting in "Open Tables" dialog.  This fix only affects remote server installations.

R2015.3 was released on 5/1/2015 containing the following:

1. FIX: Protein Report (both facility and section variants) was including any grain with a graded protein value in the report.  It has been corrected and now includes only those grains where the "Commodity Group" value shown as "Wheat".

2. FIX: corrected rounding problem on bin capacity calculations.

R2015.2 was released on 3/10/2015 containing the following:

1. Additional precision (3 ROD) is permitted when working with irregular bin types (Irregular and Irregular Round)

2. Bin Detail Screen. When in administrative mode, clicking the "clone this bin" button creates the clone and moves the cursor to the "bin number" field

R2015.1 was released on 1/5/2015 containing the following:

1. Measure Screen. Level Off selector.  "Cone Center" and "Peak Center" offer a new option to measure BOTH the sidewall and center thereby computing an "actual" angle of repose.  Previously, the sidewall measurement was imputed from the center measurement using the grain table's angle of repose for that grain.  Now the user may choose to use the older method or to click a toggle button on the "Cone Center" or "Peak Center" wizard screen and use this newer method.

R2014.5 was initially released on 10/09/2014 and updated again on 10/13/14 containing the following:

1. FIX: Posted Detail Bin Inventory Report would not print for any read dates after change made in 2014.4 item #3 (see below).  This has been corrected.

2. FIX: Inbound folder will now be swept clean during both Open Project and Save Project

R2014.4 was originally released on 08/05/2014 and updated 9/12/14 contains the following:

1. Revised Sweep level-off regarding "Trough" selection.  Trough selection now allows user to enter arc measurement compensating as the arc progresses.

2. Bin Inventory Report "Bu/Ft" and "Base Pack" columns have been removed to make way for displaying the first 15 characters of the bin comment field.  The intention is to provide a way to allow timely information about a bin to appear on inventory reports.  Examples of relevant comments might be "Wet", "Off grade", "Move Next" etc.

3. Similar changes to #2 have been made for the Detailed Bin Inventory Report.  This report removes "Bu/Ft" and "Total Pack Factor" columns to make way for the first 15 characters of the bin comment field.

4. When Dockage affects Quantity switch is set on, erroneous dockage entry can force bin quantity to calculate negative.  Now ExamNet displays this situation as "*************" which will alert the user to the error.

5. (added 9-12-14) minor fixes to "Maintain Archive" procedure in Setup


R2014.3 was updated on 07/07/2014 and contains the following:

1. New "Space Available" Report available in the "Reporting" menu.  


R2014.2 was updated on 06/23/2014 and contains the following:

1. Bin Worksheet now has certification signatures at the end of each facility rather than at the end of the report


R2014.2 was released on 06/10/2014 and contains the following:

1. New Protein report listing by "section"

2. "MT" button now clears all complex level-off information

3. Bin Capacity Report by Section now lists "Facility" at top of break for each section


R2014.1 was released on 01/06/2014 and contains the following:

1. Minor fixes and screen re-formats


R2013.05 was released on 10/03/2013 and contains the following:

1. ExamNet no longer writes temporary file "bn_xfer.txt" to "C:\" during Open Project on an Amendment.  On some systems Windows was preventing the temporary file from being written.  Now the temporary file is being written to the installed folder which eliminate any Windows issues.  The effect was that "deleted" bins were being dropped as they should but "added" bins where not being added.


R2013.04 was released on 08/05/2013 and contains the following:

1. Fixed. Measure Screen "Sweep" level off.  If an "inner circle diameter" was given, the grain height

was being erroneously calculated from this diameter and not the difference between the overall

bin diameter and the inner circle diameter.

2. Product life extended to 7/15/15.


R2013.03 was released on 04/11/2013 and contains the following:

1. New Report "Dockage Summary"


R2013.02 was released on 01/21/2013 and contains the following:

1. Report "Detailed Bin Inventory" now has two options:  "by grain" and "by section".

2. Fixed.  "Posted Inventory Chart" where scaling of white space was off on period 7 and beyond.

3. Measure screen. "Clone this bin" button revised to work around duplicate bin numbers.

4. Measure screen. Temporary bin "Radius Corners" now uses "zero point" field instead of "comment" field.

5. After running 'Compare' the 'Compare Export' XLS was blank if not created immediately after running 'Compare'


R2013.01 was released on 01/03/2013 and contains the following:

1. Measure Screen.  'Bin Clone' button now does not create duplicate grade record when attempting to create a bin number that already exists. 1-3-13


R2012.06 was released on 12/11/2012 and contains the following:

1. Measure Screen. Sweep Level-Off wizard was not allowing entry of empty arc ('dimension out of bounds').


R2012.05 was released on 10/04/2012 and contains the following:

1. Administrative users can now change current Read Date in Administrative menu.

2. "Clone Bin" feature now automatically adds grading table.

3. Software expiration extended to 7-14-2014 


R2012.04 was released on 08/29/2012 and contains the following:

1. On the "Measure" screen, "Detail" tab: bin type "Irregular" can once again use "Level Off" feature!  

2. Complex level-off values entered into ExamNet can be viewed in e-Zam (R42). 


R2012.03 was released on 04/09/2012 and contains the following:

1. Groups/Facilities screen, "Facilities" page.  Button "Rebuild Grade Table" now enables administrators to run this option at any time to correct missing grade records because it SAVES any existing grades users may have entered.   Why would administrators need to click this button?   If a bin is not showing on an inventory report even though it has grain in it, check to see if you can enter grades for that bin with the "GR" button on the Measure screen detail page.  If you can not enter grades, then use the "Rebuild Grade Table" button to establish a grade record.  It will then a) allow you to enter grades and b) the bin will appear on Measured Inventory reports.

R2012.02 was released on 01/31/2012 and contains the following:

1. Bin type "Irregular" is now recognizes USDA bin types "E,F" and "G". This is useful for matching USDA bin charts on interstice bins.  click here for PDF document explaining.

2. "Base pack override" has been moved from comment field to base point field.


R2012.01 was released on 12/13/2011 and contains the following:

1. 12/5/11 updated tool tip text displayed when user hovers over data fields

2. 12/5/11 fix: report "Comparison Summary" and "Comparison Grid" now calculate weight average prices correctly.

3. 12/13/11 fixed bad wrapping of 'bin type' field on PDF version of certain capacity reports

4. 12/13/11 'Compare Export' feature now works when logged on as 'Facility'.


R2011.05 was released on 10/27/2011 and contains the following:

1. new feature: Facility List now includes bushel capacity totals by facility not just overall.

2. fix: Sweep wizard was calculating incorrectly when the units are metric ton.

3. new feature: File/Bin Export to export complete bin record to XLS spreadsheet.

4. new feature: File/Compare Export to export history of book stock comparisons to XLS spreadsheet.

5. fix: remove 'grid' that sometimes appears when a container bin is a 'added' from the Measure screen.


R2011.04 was released on 7/01/2011 and contains the following:

1. Bins labeled "inactive" in ExamHand audit system are excluded from "Bin Worksheet" found under Reporting menu.  This has been corrected and now all bins (whether currently licensed or not) appear on the Bin Worksheet.

2. Bin Capacity Reports were displaying "Active" and "Inactive" designations.  This indicator has been removed.


R2011.03 was released on 4/27/2011 and contains the following:

Bug Fix:

1. Measure Screen, Volumetric Page, the displayed bin index was open to edit by user under 'Group' logon.  This could cause problems with missing volumetric shapes if the field was accidentially altered.

2. 'Calc Cap' button on Measure Screen, Detail Page is now disabled unless user 'Unlocks' screen.

3. Editing bin number now requires only 'Group' level logon and not 'SysWide'.

4. Measure Screen, Detail Page, Administrative user can not change facility if any bin archive data is present

New Feature:

1. Measure Screen, Detail Page, 'Clone Bin' and 'Recalc All' buttons installed for Administrator and unlocked condition.


R2011.02 was released on 2/03/2011 and contains 1 fix:

Bug Fix:

When entering 'Compare' data back and forth between the 'facility' logon and the 'group' logon, some book stocks from random facilities was being lost.  With R2011.02, you can enter 'Compare' data as 'facility' or 'group' or 'syswide' or any combination with no loss of data.


R2011.01 was released on 1/11/2011 and contains 2 features:

New Feature:

Complex Level Off "Partial Draw" now allows the user to enter a "C" dimension (length of the grain slope) which aids getting a measurement when the bin is full and grain is piled into the roof area.

Bug Fix

Insurance Value is calculated as the Book Stock value X per bushel price on the Compare.  However, two reports ("Inventory Comparison by Grain" and "Inventory Comparison by Facility" were changing the calculation to Measure Inventory X per bushel price.  So, the Compare would show the correct value and when the user would run one of these reports, the Compare values would change and be incorrect.


R2010.12 was released on 11/23/2010 and contains 2 features:

New Feature:

The "grade" screen no longer pops up when user presses "Enter" on the grade field in the Measure screen.   If the user wants the grade screen to pop up when pressing 'Enter', it will be necessary to change the appropriate setting in Syswide Settings to 'Auto'.

Bug Fix

Inventory from 'Mixed bins' was being displayed on the 'Totals' page of the Measure screen regardless of filter settings or logon.


R2010.11 was released on 10/6/2010 and rolls up all new fixes and features of ExamNet since 7/1/2010.

The current Full Install and ExamNet_Updater found on the update page are dated 10/06/2010.

Major New Feature:

Corn, Wheat and Soybeans can now record Vomitoxin on the Grade page of each bin (GR button).  A weighted average Vomitoxin level is presented on the "Measured Inventory with Grades" report.


Bug Fixes!

> In previous versions under "Reporting" the "14 Read Date Trend Report" if 14 periods were actually present only a few lines of report would be visible.  With 13 or fewer periods present on the report, the report performed normally.  R2010.11 corrects this bug and the 14 Read Date Trend Report operates normally in all circumstances.


> In previous versions under "Reporting" the 'Measured Inventory Report with Grades' incorrectly calculated the weighted average of 'Dockage'. This has been corrected by R2010.11


> In previous versions, the examiner could accidentally select an 'eZam Project' when performing an 'Open Project'.  This resulted in a date being shown in the group position on the login screen and caused numerous other problems.  With R2010.11, if ExamNet does not find the word "ExamNet" in the file name (as is the case with an eZam project) the Open Project will be canceled.


Minor New Features:

> Measure Detail page tab sequence now stops AND stays on the Right Blue Arrow.

> Totals Page can now be toggled to not recalculate automatically in SysWide Settings under Setup.

> Syswide Company Name can be entered under SysWide Settings in Setup menu.  SysWide Company Name prints on all reports printed when logged on as SysWide.  It also appears in the file name when a project is saved.

> Measure Filter Page selector for "Grade" now allows user to filter for 'Grade 2 or better' by entering '<2'

> A warning has been added on the "MT" button

> ExamNet automatically closes any open screens when the user clicks 'Quit'.  Previously, error messages were displayed.





This page is for licensed users of ExamNet software.

ExamNet must already be installed on your computer in order to use this page! 

Performing this update will bring your installed ExamNet up to version: 2010.11 released 10-06-2010.