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Using ExamNet on a File Server...

Common Problem #1: When starting ExamNet from domain user: "Microsoft Visual Foxpro Libraries Not Found"

Solution: Normally, running the full install on the server itself allows workstations to run multiple sessions of the executable EH.EXE that resides on the server in the installed folder (c:\ehuni).  However, in certain circumstances with Microsoft Server 2003/2008, this results in an error "Libraries Not Found" on start-up from the remote desktop.  However, any desktop with administrative rights works correctly.  Server is not allowing the remote user access to the FoxPro Libraries which were installed in the Windows System area and registered as part of the install process.    

Extract the 5 runtime libraries from this zip file: Download/EN/ExamHand_General_Runtime_Files.ZIP and place them in ExamNet's installed folder (normally c:\ehuni).  By placing the runtime libraries directly in the installed folder, ExamNet's runtime libraries are found right there in the installed folder and there is no need to access the server's system area.


Common Problem #2:  Permissions. ExamNet runs normally for network administrators.  However, other users can start and run ExamNet but cannot make any changes.  To duplicate, sign on as SysWide and go to File/ GroupsFacilities and try typing in the "comment" box.  If your typing is not accepted, you are being denied "write permission" by Windows.

Solution: After installing ExamNet using the installer, go to the installed folder (C:\ehuni on the server) and make sure you have the following:

Share Permission: Everyone Full Control  Security Permission: Everyone Full Control


Common Problem #3:  If slow execution of ExamNet is occurring (especially under MS Server 2012 and Citrix environments) please check these two resources:

a) Article examining causes of, and solutions for, slow execution speed. click here

b) Article by Jonathan Pate suggesting deploying ExamNet as a "RemoteApp" on MS Server 2012.  click here  

Many thanks to Jonathan Pate of Premier Coop in Champaign, IL who identified the "RemoteApp" issue and authored a tutorial to assist setting up ExamNet as RemoteApp.