SigPlus Software Update How To

PROBLEM: In November of 2013, Microsoft has made operating system updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8 that occasionally cause an error to be shown while attempting to capture electronic signatures.  The errors are similar to "OLE Error 7........................."

SOLUTION: An update is needed to your SigPlus operating software.

Perform the steps below to update:

1. Quit eZam.  It does not matter if your Signature pad is plugged in or not.

2. go to

3. click the "Download" button as shown below circled in yellow.

4. Now an orange box will pop up at the bottom of the page as shown below. Choose "Run" as circled in red.


5. It will take several minutes but you will first see a solid blue background and then a gray window as shown below.


6. Click "Next" 3 TIMES starting with the above screen and you will arrive at the screen below:


7. Choose "T-L" and click "OK" and the screen below will appear:


8. Now choose the second line "T-LBK460 or T-L460" and click "OK" and the screen below will appear:


9. Leave this on "HSB (USB type)" and click OK and a "User Agreement" page will appear.

10. Click "Agree" and you will see the installation take place.  (If you get a message during this process simply click the "OK" button).

11. The screen below will now appear. Click "No" and click "OK" to continue and a new screen will appear.


12. After the new screen appears. Press OK once, then OK twice, and then click "Finish".

13. You may or may not be asked to restart your computer at this point.

14. Please test your signatures right away to assure the OLE error is gone.