TopSide add-on app is a whole new twist on measuring grain.

TopSide works with ExamNet to make measuring grain inventory a whole lot easier.

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TopSide is a PC Win8 Tablet touch screen software system that actually fires and reads your Leica Disto bluetooth-capable Laser for you.  You only have to point it!   Laser measurements are sent via wireless bluetooth connection for each bin as they are taken -- less chance for error.   Plus, on each laser fire, TopSide uses both distance and angle to automatically calculate the correct dimension needed for that shape.   Simple.

But there's more.  TopSide also has a new method for handling large (over 60ft diameter) steel tanks.  TopSide has a surface averaging capability that allows the TopSide user to remotely fire and read the laser an as much as needed to level-off the bin.  All the measurements are stored to backup the averaged number.

Of course, all your results can be uploaded back into ExamNet or eZam system when you are finished.

What could be easier?  TopSide  requires a Windows 8 tablet with bluetooth capability (Windows RT will not work) and a Leica Disto bluetooth capable laser. 


ExamNet is a key part of Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's new Measured Self Inventory (MSI) program.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture's ExamNet-based Inventory Accountability Initiative (IAI) is in place at over 700 grain facilities.

IDOA and MDARD have licensed ExamNet for distribution to all grain warehouses and grain dealers under their respective state licensures.  Licensees measure their own inventory and compare to book stock monthly using ExamNet software in lieu of routine examination measure-ups.  ExamNet keeps an electronic record which is reviewed by examiners during an ICE (inventory control examination).  ICE examinations occur in addition to the normal subsequent examinations. Please contact Greg Miller at 309-383-3070 for more information on how ExamNet can assist your state.