Welcome to the ExamNet Update Center! 

Current Version: 2019.3 released 7-10-2019.       click here for important release notes        help with servers

Performing steps below will bring your ExamNet version up to date.

To see if your program is older than the current version shown above, start ExamNet and when the logon screen appears, look in the lower right hand corner of the logon screen to see your version number.  If the current version above is a higher number than what is shown on your software --you need to update.

ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE:  Norton 360 has been known to report a "false positive" as if ExamNet's updater is a threat.   Norton 360 will allow you to go through the motions of the update below but no update will be accomplished.  If this happens DO NOT disable your anti-virus software.  Instead, start Norton 360 and release the file "eh.exe" (examnet's update file) from "quarantine".  We have reported this false positive to Norton but there is no way of knowing how long it will take to be cleared.  As an alternative you can also choose Settings/AntiVirus/Scans & Risks/ExclusionsLowRisks/SignaturesToExclude and select c:\ehuni\eh.exe 

Important! Make sure all users have 'Quit' out of ExamNet or the update will not happen!

1. Click the link ---> Download/EN/ExamNet_Updater.exe

2. For Windows 10, screens similar to the ones below may appear.....click   RUN

Note: if you are not given the option to 'Run', go to your 'Downloads' folder and double-click on ExamNet_Updater.exe from there

3. A security warning similar to the one below may appear....click   MORE INFO


4. ExamNet_Updater.exe will now appear in the blue box....click   Run anyway


5. One final hurdle to jump, click...  Yes


6. The ExamNet updater is now running and will display a small screen shown below.

The "Unzip to Folder" needs to match the drive and folder where ExamNet is installed! (see red notes below).. then click.... UNZIP button


6. When the screen appears:   click OK

7. Now click "Close" on the window shown in step 6.

8. Start ExamNet and make sure current software "R" number is showing in the lower right-hand portion of the screen.



SPECIAL NOTE: If, after performing this update, you find that the MEASURE screen LIST tab no longer displays columns, perform the following steps:

Sign on as Syswide, Go to 'Setup', then 'User Preferences', and then 'Reset Default Column Widths'.  Now 'Quit' ExamNet and restart.