Updates for Examhand eZam

Current e-Zam Patch:  (ezam.exe dated 10-27-17)

The eZam Updater below does NOT AFFECT your data or require you to "load service pack".  Please follow instructions below.   

This is not a full install of eZam.  It will update any R42 eZam already installed.  

1) Close e-Zam.

2) Click this link--> Download/EZAM/eZam_Updater_10-27-17.exe  and choose "Run" (You might get antivirus warnings...just proceed through them)

3) At the "Unzip to Folder" window, make sure it says "C:\EZAM

4) Click the "UNZIP" button.

5) It will say "files unzipped successfully".  Acknowledge that message, then click the "Close" button.

6) Re-start eZam and go to Setup/Maintain System and perform an "Update System".

7) When complete, begin using eZam


Feature List:

10-27-17  -- FIX: Document Check reports have grain field expanded

09-29-17  -- FIX: After attempting to print a "blank" report (a report with no data) at times causes other reports to display the "Open Tables" dialog.  User must press "Cancel" dozens of times to continue

09-14-17  -- In Reporting, "Price Table" and "Price Table Worksheet" now have expanded fields for "Delivery Period" so longer codes are not cut off

08-16-17  -- Bin screen.  Correction of the bug introduced in the 7/10/17 update causing user to not be able to enter grain code, test weight, or bushels in a Container Bin.  

07-10-17  -- Bin screen.  User can no longer enter measured air space greater than or equal to the depth for capacity (this caused ****** to appear in the bin quantity).  Also, Edit/'Clean Up This Tag' routine has been revised

03-15-17  -- specific updates for Kentucky's CE and CCE reports.

03-13-17  -- Customer/Terminal/Entire Customer verification reports now show up to 10 characters in the "Reference ID" column (previously only 5 would display).  Also conflict with running customer and terminal verifications back to back has been corrected.

02-09-17  -- Repackage reporting tools.

01-09-17  -- EDI Load -- records with less than 2 bushels transferred via EDI have been reinstated for Missouri only.  Miscellaneous report alterations for Indiana.

12-08-16  -- Reporting DP (PL) reports.  Open/Canceled/Serial DP report debug has been removed and performance enhanced.

11-30-16  -- Summary Data/Comments/Exceptions.  Deleting either a single exception or clearing all exceptions was deleting across ALL tags.  This has been corrected

11-28-16  -- Contract Form, Totals Page, After choosing 'Name' selection, print button would not work.  Also Indiana checkoff form support updated.

10-24-16 -- Install new print previewer to solve Windows 10 printer cut off issues

10-19-16 -- Ezam was preventing use of contract "secondary" status for most contract types.  Indiana still uses this restriction.

08-12-16 -- Grain Bank/GBO modifications on Storage entry screen per Idaho.//rebuild working capital report for faster performance//update sig_rpt label immediately upon open project

07-29-16 -- Any EDI.DAT file received by "Load EDI File" option.  All document numbers are automatically parsed of any alpha characters.   For example, if the EDI.DAT file contains a document number "PL3456", eZam will translate this to "3456".  Also Support Data/Storage/  Grain Bank and Grain Bank Overdraft (GBO) fixed.  When user enters negative number GBO is automatically indicated.  The labels stick regardless of arrowing through later.

04-22-16 -- Select a Tag screen has improved and expanded selection format

02-01-16 -- General Information.  Expand prompt to 90 characters.  Also various interpreted report updates for various states.

01-26-16 -- File/Save Project.  When choosing "Remove Tag", if project already exists in "deleted_projects" folder, user now has option to continue removing tag WITHOUT overwriting project in deleted_projects folder (c:\ezam\deleted_projects).  Previously if user choose "no" to the overwrite, the removal of the tag was aborted along with the overwrite.

12-10-15 -- force 'secondary' selection on contract form (for Indiana only)

12-03-15 -- minor changes

11-19-15 -- Add "Ellipse" bin type on Bin Volumetric Page.  This shape accommodates an "AgBag" for grain storage

Also, General Information Export/Import was not filtering properly.  Exports could be made from a tag but not imported back to another tag properly.

09-11-15 -- Project Log import/export updated to work properly with eZam files (not just legacy ExamHand files).

09-08-15 -- When "Save Project" is run General Information data is now physically reindexed.  This will eliminate blank spaces appear ing in GI "spreadsheet" display.  Collection exam figures updated. Updated images.

07-31-15 -- FIX: 'Storage Obligations' screen, entry of a negative number in 'warehouseman's units' results in 'GBO' type automatically selected.  Changing back to positive number results in 'Gr. Bank' being selected.

06-04-15 -- FIX: any project saved into "Deleted Projects" folder will be missing facility list found in Control Screen.  FIX: negative values on Adjustments when printed to Exception Report are no longer shown as asterisks.

05-29-15 -- Adding Address in any Detail Screen "Name" field now parses existing addresses and no longer will replace partial names.

05-20-15 -- Contract List Page.  "Mkt Value" put back in list page.  "Grade" now replaces "Cancel Date" which has been removed from list page.

04-27-15 -- Fix problem with GI Formula 'SRG' operator where subseries were receiving overall total not subseries total when calculated.

04-21-15 -- Main menu Search feature adds new option to "mark record only".  Load EDI adds option to send EDI location information to 'grade' field in contracts, storage, and payables/receivables

03-30-15 -- add GI formula codes that provide 5 ROD precision. Remove desktop writing when some summary reports are printed in some states.

03-19-15 -- upgrade facility table's "city" field to 20 characters.  Facility report has all information displayed on report.  Support Data "Print" button 4 and 6 column reports no longer cut off right hand side of report.  History screen now hasrepair button.  FIX: the "ADD" function in administrative general information formulas  was adding Qid 1 twice instead of adding Qid1 and Qid 2.  Correct inconsistencies on Contract detail screen between selecting contract type with number entry or pull down regarding Put, Call, and UBasis.

03-12-15  -- Warehouse Receipt reports (Serial, Open, Canceled): the disposition field now wraps instead of truncates with lengthy strings.  New "Terminal Verification" report runs quicker for majority of states (does not apply to MO and CO).

01-12-15  -- Save Project. Project file name no longer contains a blank after the exam type.  Clear Signatures on Clear Project screen now properly clears the signature time stamp.  Entity Type indicator is now properly changed each time the tag name is changed rather than only when the Control Screen Client Group page button "set as master" button is clicked.

11-03-14  -- On Bins List Page, add "Unlock" toggle.  Leave locked in order to double click to detail page or "unlock" to allow editing on the list page.

08-28-14  -- Double click on bin list page returns user to detail page (like ExamNet).  Volumetric can now be used with Container bins. Control Screen Facility page now allows column width/order to be set.

06-10-14  -- Minor service pack updates.

05-15-14  -- Small change to Document Check Random Number selector to improve interaction when more than 1 batch of random numbers are requested.

04-21-14  -- Small change to GI's "SRG" function so it calculates correctly in all situations.

03-12-14  -- Setup/Clients 'refresh client group'.  Correct error when "Adding" to empty client group -- facilities were not sent resulting in blank facility page.  Also correct "Set Master" button on Control Screen/Client Group page.

01-15-14  -- File/ControlScreen "Change Tag Name" button would result in loss of any signatures captured.  This has been corrected so a Change Tag Name can be affected at any time without loss of data.

12-06-13  -- Setup/Clients 'refresh client group' button has been corrected.  If you are sending a client id that is already present in the control screen/client group page that record will be refreshed, if it is a different ID number, you will be asked if you wish to add it to the Client Group.

11-21-13  -- Bin Diagram handling is improved.  Right click on bin detail page "Diagram" button to reset your bin diagrams.  Left click to display.  Also can reset in facilities page.

05-29-13  -- General Information SpreadSheet display now "locks" column 1 (the question prompt) when user Scrolls right and left

02-13-13  -- Fixed Bin Inventory Exam report 'percent off' fields that were cut off

02-05-13  -- Fixed Load EDI Routine. At times AGRO EDI "location" field information was NOT being combined into the "delivery period' field on contracts during EDI load as in the past.