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The standard in grain industry oversight and grain measuring software since 1990
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“The grain in these bins is my responsibility; that’s why I’ve got ExamNet”

Measuring grain inventory monthly is a best practice for today’s elevator manager, and with ExamNet software, it’s easy!

ExamNet is a desktop/server application with integrated database specifically designed to help grain operations managers physically measure their grain stocks.

Using the facility’s posted bin charts, ExamNet calculates grain inventory from measured bin volumes– not from scale ticket weights.

ExamNet figures how much of the bin’s air space is occupied by grain and converts that back to weight, just like warehouse examiners have been doing with our ExamHand software since 1990.

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ExamHand is used by 15 state grain warehouse agencies responsible for over 7 billion bushels of licensed storage

The business of storing and merchandising grain isn’t so easy.

When producers deliver their crops to the local grain elevator, they expect that company to be operationally sound. Part of that is knowing exactly what grain is on hand and where it’s at.

That’s why state regulatory agencies use our ExamHand software to assist them in the oversight of those who buy, sell, and store producer crops.

The grain measuring methods found in ExamNet come directly from our stalwart ExamHand software time-tested by warehouse examiners for over 30 years.

How it Works

An accurately measured inventory can be had without monumental effort. No need for a confusing set of measurements in each bin! We know how grain lays inside of cylinders and boxes. In most cases, just 3 simple steps are needed to compute the packed quantity of grain in a bin.

Identify the grain
Measure the sidewall air space
Choose a level-off function (Cone Down, Cone Up, High Side, M-Shape, etc.)
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